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The Last Supper And The Weeping Cross [Review of Madhavi Parekh’s exhibition in Goa, February 2017]

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Return to Tradition [Vistaar 2007, catalogue essay]

In America- An Immigrant’s Story, Photographs by Aditya Dhawan [Indian Design & Interiors, 2007]

Betwixt The Lines – Maggie Baxter & Pippin Drysdale [Indian Design & Interiors, 2006]

Passionate About Clay, Ceramics by Madhur Sen [Indian Design & Interiors, 2006]

Confused Forms, Arun Kumar [Indian Design & Interiors, 2006]

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William Morris Revisited, David Mabb [Indian Design & Interiors, 2005]

Caught in the Folds, David Schorr [Art India, vol-9 quarter-1, 2004]

Creative Expressions – ‘I’ Quarterly of the Visual Arts – India Habitat Centre  [vol-2 Issue-I 2004]

Solitude ‘I’ Quarterly of the Visual Arts – India Habitat Centre [vol-1 Issue-IV 2003]

Vision in Art: ‘I’ Quarterly of the Visual Arts – India Habitat Centre [vol-1 Issue-IV 2003]


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Textiles / Craft

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– The Poetry of Thread [Art Varta Issue 1, June 2016]

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Reclaiming The Lost Embroidered Garden, Phulkari essay [Garland Magazine, Australia, March 2016]

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