Art & Craft for Children

Weekly classes for children

Aged 5 – 14 years of age

These classes covered a range of ideas, intended to instil a spirit of fun in making something beautiful – beyond the capacity of perfecting and painting drawing skills. The classes were aimed at inculcating creativity even among those with limited drawing skills. The mix of ages worked well to inform the young and to foster lack of inhibition in the older children.

During the weekly classes that we covered a wide variety of art and craft subjects such as :

Basic Drawing
Drawing from Nature
Imaginative drawing
Paper and other material collages
Papier Mache
Diyas for Diwali
Origami Butterflies
Paper Sculptures
Christmas Decorations
Embroidery and fabric collage
Working with Traditional Art

My work has also involved a return to the dual role of crafting wherein I have worked to redefine textiles as a medium of art and not just something of utility as a garment or house-hold linen. I have been teaching design students for the past two decades but in my endeavour to create awareness among the general public of all these facets of textiles and especially embroidery, I now conduct workshops for all ages and skill levels, including children. I am always amazed at the dynamics that unfold when children and adults work together and this time too, it was fabulous to see adults with no prior art background eschewing all inhibitions and working like the children around them. They responded in very interesting ways to the ideas and material that they were exposed to, which is always very satisfying to note.

I have also conducted art classes for children aged 5 – 12 years of age, teaching them the basis of drawing along with embroidery, papier mache, painting, paper sculpting and imaginative drawing etc.…Read more

Creative Mirror is a workshop on creating awareness through art/self-expression/design. This idea has been growing in my mind, ever since I started teaching design students, I found that a lot of issues came up through the work that the students did and in some cases I was able to help them deal with these issues without touching upon them but through the creative process itself. My decades long experience in writing about art has also given me a lot of insights and the concept has evolved through various such experiences.

I was invited by Zorba the Buddha, to conduct a day long workshop to introduce this concept of the ‘Creative Mirror’ to help people connect deeper with their inner selves. Our lives today are complex and layered. Accessing feelings is easier said than done. The intention was to help the participants form a profound understanding of their creative expression, so that it does not remain just at the level of design or art, or poetry, but their creative endeavours also become a tool for self awareness – for them to see what they are feeling and saying and as such take appropriate action towards dealing with these issues towards creating a more fulfilling life. The exercises helped unlock creative blocks, allowimg for an authentic expression to emerge – enhancing the scope of creativity.

It is the way in which I do things for myself and is the mantra for my life as an artist, art critic, poet, teacher, healer and more.


• Colour Theory.

• Drawing Skills.

• Surface Ornamentation

• Hand painting techniques.

• Principles of Colour and Design.

• Design and Society: The Indian Context.

• Lectures and talks on issues relating to Design.

• Designing and Marketing as Interactive strategies.

• History of Traditional Printed and Painted Fabrics.

• Textile processing techniques and fabric identification.

• Jury member for admission tests, interviews and student projects.

Designed and taught courses to inculcate basic skills in Colour and Design, with special emphasis on colour which is the primary consideration for the buyer’s choice of fabric. Formulating special exercises to enhance drawing skills in terms of observation, use of unconventional tools and uninhibited representations of observed details towards creating a vocabulary of creative expression, that is contemporary and therefore able to address the design needs of the market/ society.


The various subjects relating to design have been addressed to students of Fashion Design, Textile Design, Textile Technology, Apparel marketing and merchandising, Leather Apparel Design Technology and Fashion Communication at NIFT and IIT Delhi. – Creative Explorations with Fiber I Student Comments
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