September 1998 

Group Show – ‘Confluence ’99’

Vis-a-Vis, Khirki Village, New Delhi


“Life has been a series of experiences that I can liken to experiments where no formula of living has emerged, as such. My work reflects this, as an extension of the ‘experiments’.

Working with Textiles for more than two decades has given me the benefit of working with a medium that transcends and also defies any coventional definition of ‘Art’, and this has stayed with me for the variety of expression it affords but, the experiment continues……

The present collection of work is done using mixed media of fallen wood bark, embroidered textiles, paper, crayons and oil pastels. Inspired by the naive vision of my nephews and nieces and the resplendent colour of David Hockney’s paintings of Yorkshire, that I happened to see exhibited at the MFA in Boston this summer. In these works I continue the ‘experiment’ of expressing life’s experiences – stoking the embers of wrath for moments of ineptitude reflecting upon moments that inculcate the tranquility of acceptance; and of those, presenting a joyousness of being, even if dreams still lie unfulfilled.”


Gopika Nath

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