September 2007 

Group show of Installation Art at Qutab Colonnade, Gallery Pontiac, New Delhi.


As a practicing designer, the artist has to turn towards ‘ART’ to be able to give vent to her expression, for the threads of thought that are presently woven together to define the ‘Fabric of Society’, do not provide adequate scope for expression in the realm of textile design.

The present exhibition is the artist’s statement questioning the validity of the value given to contemporary expression that is used to decorate the walls of buildings that house mankind, as opposed to decorating the body, the ultimate temple of the soul.

Textiles are today a necessity of life and permeate every realm of our existence, not precluding any class of society. Majority of Indians do not visit museums or art galleries, nor are they inclined towards attending lectures on Art, and therefore much of contemporary Indian Art is relatively incomprehensible to them.

How does this ‘ART’ then mirror Indian society at large?

Should we continue to accept this minority expression to be representative of Indian society?

Should ‘ART’ not be an integrated activity, whose expression is a part of daily life?

Should ‘ART’ not be made more accessible to those that do not have the means of such creative expression for themselves?

Is the unbridled contemporary expression, as seen in painting and sculpture, reflected in the other arts, such as textiles? If not, then should it?

This exhibit is intended only to question, it does not seek to provide any alternate solution


Gopika Nath

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