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- Vistaar essay Return to Tradition
- Art in the new age [ Xpressions, January 2006 ]

- A subtle thread [ Indian Design & Interiors, April 2005 ]
Gopika Nath, who works with craftsmen and also as one, writes that hand-crafting today needs greater appreciation for the 'values' its upholds, that enrich our lives aesthetically, culturally and spiritually.

- Crafting Wisdom [ Visual Arts Journal, The Indian Habitat Centre, 2005 ]

- Creative Boundaries [ Indian Design & Interiors, April-May 2004 ]
Creative work that encompasses design represents the art of the future, writes Gopika Nath.


- Caught in the Folds [ Art India, vol-9 quarter-1, 2004 ]
Gopika Nath appreciates American artist David Schorr's uniquely Indian images.

 - The Art of Textile Making [ Visual Arts Journal, The Indian Habitat Centre, 2004]
The writer draws upon the history of textile practices in ancient India to restate & redefine the art of textile making.


- Threads of the Valley [ Indian Design & Interiors, Oct.-Nov. 2003 ]
A first person account of designer's interaction with chain stitch embroiderers of Kashmir during a two week workshop.

- Mapping [ Embroidery Mag (U.K), Sept. 2003 ]
Clare Richard's Journey of Soul Searching

- Labour of Love [ Indian Design & Interiors, Aug-Sept. 2003 ]
Gopika Nath, who has worked with the Ikat weavers of Koyalguddem and Pochampally, writes on the complexities that emerge in such weaver-designer artistic interactions.
- Whither Indian design identity [ Indian Design & Interiors, June-July 2003 ]
Gopika Nath writes on the new field of product designing that may be taking the designer far from his roots.

'I' Quarterly of the visual art- India Habitat Centre
- Creative Expressions - Another Dimension, a new vision [ vol-2 Issue-I 2004 ]
- Solitude: An exhibition celebrating serenity [ vol-1 Issue-IV 2003 ]
- Vision in Art: An exhibition highlighting the relationship between Art & Interiors
   [ vol-1 Issue-IV 2003 ]
- The Fibre Art Workshop : An eyepiece to the visual arts [ vol-2 Issue-I 2003 ]